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Pastor Gale Shiver

About Our Host

Pastor Gale Shiver, Host of “The King’s Table” Television Broadcast in Greenville NC for the past 6 years, is an anointed woman of prayer who has worked jointly with her husband of 20 years (Pastor William Shiver) in ministry, professionally and with community outreach grassroots projects. She and her husband have served in ministry in both North Carolina and California during past 20 years. Gale teaches and preaches the Word of God and her ministry was spotlight on TBN-Trinity Broadcast Network.

Gale, a native of Wayne County, is the youngest of 15 children raised by her loving widowed mother, a determined faith filled woman of prayer. Gale was greatly impacted and inspired by her mother’s life of prayer and faith. 

Gale is a licensed ordained pastor, License Clinical Addiction Specialist, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Christian Counselor, workshop & conference trainer and facilitator. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication from Shaw University, a Masters in Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. In addition she has completed numerous hours towards her M.Div.

Behind her bright smile and gentle, girlish charm is a story of testing, triumph, faith and strength. She has overcome many trails and hurdles in her personal life and has dedicated her life to helping others move beyond the pain while discovering God’s unique plan for their lives. She is a prayer warrior and a voice in this hour and season, sent forth by God to boldly declare a message of hope, truth, and faith. She is called to men women and children of all walks of life and ethnic background to be healed, set free and delivered. 

Gale host “The King's Table Television Broadcast Ministry", a Christian Talk Show that God is using in this season to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The show offers transparency, encouragement and faith building episodes aimed at compelling the lost to come to Jesus and increase the believer’s faith. The program features guests from all walks of life, their stories, and testimonies. In addition great men and women of the Gospel come to share their ministries and a fresh Word from God. Pastor Gale Shiver is an inspiration to many who seek God’s love, healing and deliverance.

Our Team

Meet each.....

Pastor Gale Shiver

Executive Producer & Talk Show Host

Pastor William Shiver

Executive Director & Co-Host

Thomas Lynch


Minister Lisa Simmons


Monica Gibbs

Public Relations Director

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